BodEASE in Motion, LLC


I help balance the structure of the body by utilizing Structural Alignment Massage and advanced therapeutic massage therapies.  When working with client's, we look at the body as a whole and assess the body's structure and posture. My main goal is to find the root of the pain whether it is chronic, or a structural imbalance, and reach a resolution through soft tissue bodywork to alleviate pain and dysfunction. 

I believe in the healing power through touch and helping others see what they are capable of.  Your body is the only one you have in this lifetime.  Let me help you be in better tune with your inner-self and reach optimum health, performance and fitness along the way.


Quinn is a Licensed Massage Therapist and graduated from The Houston School of Massage in June of 2019.  She has Certifications in Sports Massage, Myofascial Release Cranio-Sacral, Sacroiliac Joint Specialist and Cupping. She has training from the National Academy of Sports Medicine - Corrective Exercise Specialist and is a Certified Flexologist in stretch therapy.


Structural Alignment Massage (, Advanced Therapeutic Massage Therapy, Sports Massage Therapy, Myofascial Release Cranio-Sacral, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Cupping, Stretch Therapy and KT Taping.